Why Blog about Preloved Fashion?

Hi and thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I’ve been asked lots of times to tell people where I like to shop and several people said I should start a blog as I certainly know some great places where you can always find something fab. I also have been enjoying the fact that now as I approach 50 (okay I’m still 47 but think 3 years saying I’m nearly 50 will get me used to the BIG 5 – 0) I’m experimenting with what I wear again like we all did when we were teenagers.

I don’t follow trends, in fact I just trust my instinct when choosing things to buy and creating a look. I just know as I approach my older years wearing something that people say you look nice in is a real confidence booster to the menopausal whispering in your ears and your changing body. There’s no right or wrong in my book, my view is  – where what makes you happy and don’t be afraid to experiment with colours, patterns or styles.

In this outfit which I wore to Overlord Show 2017 I’m wearing all clothes from charity shops.

The beret was £2.50, the cardigan £2 both from Cancer Research UK Southampton Shirley shop – it’s one of my favourite charity shops in Southampton and has a great manager and lovely volunteers. It’s always full of stuff and has really reasonable prices they are always putting out items so it’s a definite visit more than once a week shop!

The blouse was £2.99 from SOLD shop in Shoreham on Sea – I’ll be posting about that shop in more detail – it’s AMAZING! I wish I lived nearer.

Vintage culottes (I’m sure they have a proper name – must ask my friend Susanne as she wore a pair to get married) were £6.00 from Emmaus Winchester. Again this shop deserves a blog post all of it’s own. I promise to write one soon!

The crochet cowl was new and my husband bought it for me from an Arts & Crafts Fair at Lyndhurst Community Centre – it cost £16.00 but it was the purchase that got me to crochet! I now can make my own, It’s lovely when a purchase inspires you to try a new craft. Sadly I lost the ladies phone number who makes these as she offered felting classes in the shepherds hut in her garden.

The braces I have had for a while and can’t remember where I got them from but I think I paid £2 for them.



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